What if your Creator gave you a unique identity that no one else in the world has? Unfortunately, most people identify themselves under the false identity of fear, anxiety, guilt and shame. If you were to learn and live within God's identity for you, the challenges of your life are greatly reduced and He can then use you to change the world.



An Indian parable, I learned as a kid, tells of 5 blind men who were asked to describe an elephant. We use this simple story to teach EVERYONE how the Bible can be read & understood by anyone. Our friends who, what, when, where, why & how help us teach how ask the right questions so they can read and know the Bible for themselves.​


truth vs. culture

Do you understand the difference between truth and culture? We believe this is a fundamental understanding that can divide or unify all people around the world. All too often, we live our lives based on what we think other people expect of us. Discovering the Truth, provides the freedom &  courage to produce godly leaders and people of character.


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