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It was 2001, business was booming and my life was taking shape . . . just as I had planned!

Little did I know that accepting an invitation to participate on a mission trip to Southern India would change my life so dramatically. I met Sam Apollos, a local pastor who just started a small Bible school, and a life-long ministry partnership was formed. My world view was challenged and I began to undertstand God's larger perspective through the patience of leaders from all around the world.  We developed life-long relationships with other men and women around the world who were just like us - regular people seeking God's calling in their lives. As a result, the berean way was formed. God has sent us to partner with many of the forgotten people of the world. We tend to be drawn to working with indigenous people (most of who are unable to receive a formal education), in relatively unknown villages, lacking paved roads, consistent electricity and running water. These are the places and people were we thrive!

This story is just being wtitten. Are you interested in knowing more?

We would love to have you join us . . .


Jeff lives in Tualatin, OR with his best friend and wife of 20 years, Erin. In addition to tbw, he is also a professional commercial real estate consultant. Their oldest son is currently serving as a missionary in Uganda and two daughters and son still live at home. He loves to be outdoors camping, hiking or fishing.

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